In the evening of Thursday January 8th, we’d like to invite you to the Town Hall, and into the Council Chambers, to meet and plan innovative projects. The theme for this event is transport. That includes cars, buses, bikes, or anything else transport related. Transport is something that affects us all, from traffic jams to cycle safety, so there will be some great opportunities for you to tackle issues you find interesting.

But we’re not jumping straight into the full hackday – first we’re getting prepared. This is part one, and there won’t be any work at this event. This kind of direct change doesn’t happen very often, but we’ve worked hard to fling open the doors of the council to make it happen.

We’ll have speakers from the Council and other travel-related organisations to share their plans for travel in Bournemouth and the surrounding area, explain the problems they face, and talk about what we might be able to solve. We’ll be announcing speakers soon, and we’ll have food. There will be discussions and planning, and we’d love to see people get together in teams and come up with brilliant ideas.

You’ll be able to request any data you’d like and have direct dialogue with the people working on the future of Bournemouth’s travel. Tickets for this are plentiful but will disappear quickly, so don’t miss out. Tell your coworkers, tell your friends. Start making a team now. This is not an opportunity you want to miss out on.

Whether you’re a student, designer, developer, hardware master or anything else then come along. We want to people in varied teams that play to people’s strengths and what they want to learn. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help shape transport in Bournemouth.

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Announcing soon…

Part Two

Part two will take place on Saturday February 7th, with possibility of a one or two-day event – this is something we’ll poll you on. (Venue TBA)

This means you have four weeks to get yourself ready – plan your work, prepare any data you need. The Council too will have four weeks to try and get all the data you’ve requested. By attending Part One you put yourself on a priority list for tickets for Part Two.

Together, we can make make amazing and useful things for the people of Bournemouth. This first event is your opportunity to visit one of Bournemouth’s oldest buildings, go direct into the council chambers, and hear directly from councillors. Don’t pass it up. We’ll see you in the new year for our biggest event yet.

Key Info

  • Doors open 5:30pm on January 8th, giving you time to chat and enjoy some food
  • Event begins at 6pm prompt. Don’t be late.
  • Event will end on or before 9pm
  • At the Town Hall
  • Food will be served
  • Free parking at the town hall for the evening

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Town Hall
Bourne Avenue

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